Our cashmere knitwear and accessories are designed and manufactured by us using only the finest, softest, pure cashmere available.

Beautiful styles made from the finest yarns with great attention to detail, producing garments that if cared for correctly, will last for years to come and like a fine wine, improve with age. Cashmere is a perfect heirloom piece, one of the finest fibres in the world. It will give you years of pleasure if cared for correctly.

We love the super-soft wool that is cashmere, and it deserves special care as it takes pride of place in your wardrobe

Washing & Drying Cashmere Clothing
Cashmere has natural antibacterial properties and is easier to wash than you might think. We recommend you gently wash your cashmere knitwear after you have worn it three or four times.

Hand-wash in lukewarm water (35°), using mild detergent.
Squeeze the suds gently through the fabric without rubbing, wringing or stretching the garment, then rinse thoroughly in water of the same temperature.
Avoid lifting the garment while it is saturated with excess water, as this can cause misshaping. Re-shape to its original size and dry flat over a towel away from direct heat and sunlight, avoid radiators. We don’t recommend hanging cashmere clothes to dry, as the weight of the water can stretch it out of shape.

DO NOT TUMBLE DRY! This is the fastest way to shrink your cashmere clothing!

Dry your freshly washed garment by smoothing it back into shape and placing it flat on a towel. Allow it to dry naturally away from direct heat, such as radiators or sunlight, and do not tumble dry. Once your garment is dry, press lightly with a cool iron.

Storing Your Cashmere Clothing
Ideally, garments should be stored inside out and kept in a dust free and well-aired area away from direct sunlight. Before storing for any length of time ensure your garment is washed well as dirt, dead skin or dust can attract moths and other insects.

If you are storing it away for the summer then we recommend to give it a good clean, de-crease, de-pill, and gently put it away for hibernation. The same is true for the place you will store it, ensure you have removed any dust and it’s not damp. Ideally you would use a storage bag to keep your cashmere looking like new!